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House Beautiful is an interior decorating magazine that focuses on decorating and the domestic arts. First published in 1896, it is currently published by the Hearst Corporation, who began publishing it in 1934. It is the oldest still-published magazine in what is known as the "shelter magazine" genre.

Amelia W. says, "House Beautiful took it upon themselves to subscribe me without my knowledge and then charge me for it. Something they hid as part of a contest I was invited to sign up for. It took months for me to get them to stop asking me to pay."


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"I'd like to know where you get you information from.... Reply from Countryholidayhouse A day ago "Two of the members of your group had already left a review. I am very sorry that the owner cancelled your booking. That was the end of the session not ours." Seems to be your go-to excuse when people criticise you and the way you do business, you say 3 or 4 reviews are from the same group as to explain a poor average star rating... lack of communication, about payments, US having to contact you when we see the property WE booked was up for sale, advertising and demanding payment for a non existent hot tub and finally, my favourite, on another site, scoring yourself 5 stars while trying to defend yourselves against three 1 star reviews"

Jo Clemo says

"I feel incredibly disappointed that I am about to write such a negative review given that I usually only ever take the time to write positive reviews and do everything I can to show understanding and a reasonable attitude when things don’t always come up to scratch. However, on this occasion, I feel it is important to share my family’s experience, which can only be described as entirely unacceptable. We had booked Canford Dairy 18 months ago after a long time looking for somewhere suitable for my severely disabled sister, a small care team and the rest of the family: not an easy task. We fully appreciate that when we booked, no one knew what was going to happen this year with regards to Corona Virus. We also fully appreciate that thousands and thousands of people have had their holiday plans cancelled and far worse things happen to them as a result of the pandemic. A holiday cancellation in the grand scheme of things, regardless of how difficult it is to find suitable properties to accommodate my disabled sister, is not the worst thing in the world. However, I find it disgraceful that after months of reassurance that the accommodation would still be available to us from 14th-21st August, we find out 10 DAYS BEFOREHAND that this was not the case and even worse, we only found this out after my brother emailed to enquire about a small detail. To then find out that people’s holidays at Canford Dairy were being cancelled in July, further added to our incredible disgust and disappointment. Why on earth were we not shown common decency and respect and why was our holiday not cancelled sooner when it is blatantly obvious that it was never going ahead? We are reasonable people. We fully understand the impact of the pandemic and lockdown, however, this is no excuse for the disgraceful treatment of people whose only mistake was thinking they had found a wonderful property, saving hard to pay for it and looking forward to a wonderful family holiday. I hope that other people (of which there seem to be a few) who have had similar experiences, are able to reorganise their holidays and put this unpleasant experience behind them. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to as it is just too difficult with all of our requirements for my sister so we will have to try again next year and hope that we have the pleasure of dealing with decent people who honour what they say."

Doreen Radford says

"Canford Dairy I would like to start by saying how utterly disappointed I am with Canford dairy, me and my family (20 of us) booked this property for August 2020 and I know there was a lot of uncertainty because of the virus however she assured us that the holiday would still go ahead. We saved for this holiday for a year prior to us going, my husband contacted the agency to pay the final security deposit which was due two weeks before we were meant to go and was informed that the holiday was cancelled, we was all absolutely gutted and unhappy that they did not contact us sooner, as it took my husband to email them for the to tell us at such short notice. We were told that the reason it was cancelled was because the owners parents were the caretakers and they thought it was too risky, even though before the virus it was stated that they did not want us making contact with them anyway during our stay and we had even offered to do all the cleaning ourselves. We have now had to search frantically for a property at such short notice that accommodates us all with the budget we had been saving a year for. As this holiday has been cancelled, we have had a few members of our holiday party pull out as we have not been able to find a property suitable for us all and within our budget. Advice to future guests please don't book this property as I feel they are not very professional with the way things have been handled. I feel that it was wrong we were not informed it was cancelled until my husband had made contact with them, as we were assured everything was still ok for us to go. And in response to Canford dairy reply, no other member of our party has left a review. They are are obviously an unhappy group aswell and had been let down like us."

Ronan says

"Canford Dairy - cancelled our booking 4 days before we were due to arrive. If you have a booking at the Canford Dairy - chase now to confirm it. We were only told it was cancelled as we chased Sophie for confirmation. At least we got our money back within half a day."

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